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Facing the mirror

Facing the Mirror means "I am you" and "you are me", and that at the end, we are all ONE. We are, to quote the philosopher Teillard de Chardin, "Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience."
With humor and simplicity, the author takes us into the ocean of spirituality, between laughter and tears, makes us think and helps us realize that we are the result of our thoughts and actions. That our free will is sacred and nothing or nobody has the responsibility to guide our destiny but ourselves.
Her words awaken our consciousness, awaken our need to look beyond ourselves, to work in our personal evolution and integrate to the great unity that we all are.

When the masks fall

We use masks to cover our reality and pretend what we are not. We have used them to please and attract others, helping us to make and keep friends, jobs, couples, family and of course in our quest for control and power.
We are fragile and vulnerable if we show ourselves without them, we do not want others to see our weaknesses or our true identity, always looking for acceptance.
We created masks for every occasion because we do not want anyone to see us as we really are, but as we wish to be seen… but what happens when the masks fall?
In this collection of short stories about different masks commonly used, we may reflect on one or more of them and realize the masks we may find in our own personal locker.