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  • Crystal Healing Therapy

Quartz crystals are wonderful tools to cleanse the entire chakra system. They have powerful healing qualities and are very accurate and precise energy conductors, transmitters, receptors and condensers. Because of their piezoelectric and magnetic qualities, they help to correct and balance the stagnant energy patterns that cause imbalanced emotional and physical states. The harmonic vibration of the quartz crystals will help us balance our chakras, unblocking and healing us. This healing session will balance, revitalize, relax and purify you.

  • Foot Washing Therapy

The ancient Foot Washing technique has been practiced by therapists and holistic doctors for centuries, working with and activating the love energy through your feet. It is a tool that will help us reconnect and recognize our true soul, releasing and healing. Our feet carry the information of traumatic experiences that have caused us pain and suffering, in them we find the origin of our behavior patterns. Through our feet we can heal and free our soul.

  • Crystals and foot washing, mixed therapy

Combining the two techniques we increase the healing power and offer a true life changing experience. This complete option is the combination of both techniques, thus achieving perfect balance and harmony. A magical combination for healing and total relaxation.

  • Meditation worhshop

In these times of transition, we feel the urge to take a break in our lives to closely revise our actions and consequences, our dreams and goals. All the answers are within us. This is the basic principle in Meditation and the step we must take to begin our transformation. The first step is not to have expectations, it will all come with time, as meditation is a process and an art.

Dragonfly offers interactive workshops in 3 modules: beginners, intermediate and advanced, along with guided meditations for couples, groups or companies, based on the specific needs of the assistants.


  • Guided Meditations

Options for groups, couples, families or companies.

  • The Power of Positive Thinking Workshop

Everything is energy and energy is vibration. Your thoughts produce energy, therefore, changing your thoughts and emotions will not only help you, but will also harmonize everything and everybody around you.

  • Ancient Ritual, Salute to the Four Cardinal Points

This significant ritual intends to allow the participants an understanding of the power of our ancient cultures and the ceremony will be guided towards respect, love and gratitude for everything that surrounds us.

  • Ceremony of the New Fire

During the New Fire, our ancestors would burn images and objects as a symbol of renovation, just like when you burn the field before the sowing, so that the old dies and the new grain can grow healthy and strong. With this we summarize that the New Fire symbolizes transformation and regeneration.