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Dear Lili & Luis:

How to explain what is learned from the heart, this first trip, was just like you described it “ a journey of the soul”, where what I learned and received was unparalleled, and it is not only learning a technique or receive information to update our cultural level, or to know a place as a tourist; this goes beyond, they are quantum leaps in the evolution of each person, because it is closer to what really matters in this life, the transcendence and spiritual evolution.

I thank you greatly for having invited me to share with you this great project, the TEACHERS we had, both exhibitors, partners and of course our hosts.
The place and its people were magical, the hotel was very nice and peaceful, in conclusion it was a PERFECT trip !!

Thank you, thank you. !!!

Irma Leticia Alvarez


Hi Lili:

Thank you very much for having shared this beautiful journey to this magical place that has given me many confirmations of my spiritual jouney. Up until now, what I have learned has been lyrical and with only few people like Irma could I share what I felt and sometimes I thought I was a bit crazy, but now I know that we are more, we are one, there are many in this process, and that gives me pleasure.
I hope to see you soon and learn from you ..........

Thank you for this opportunity and may love will always surrounding us all.
xxxxoooo (hugs and kisses)

Laura Zamorano


Hi Liliana and Luis,

And a big thanks to both of you for giving us such a wonderful experience!

Dave has "cleaned" his obsidian stone and is using it on his aches and pains - he says he feels better already.
I do think our paths will cross again.   Do let us know when you'll be making your trips to the U.S.

Irma Schindler